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01 July - 01 Aug 2023
General English Grammar



Some exercises
Singular & Plural

Regular & Irregular Plural

Possesive Noun

Count & Uncount Noun

Modifier Noun

Expression of Quantity
Basic Article Usage
Vowel & Consonant
Few & Little

One, Each, and Every

All of & Both of


Some Exercises
Pronoun as Subject

Pronoun as Object

Possessive Pronoun

Possessive Adjective

Pronoun & Antecedents

Personal Pronoun

Reflexive Pronoun

Demonstrative Pronoun

Indefinite Pronoun

Relative Pronoun

Intensive Pronoun

Reciprocal Pronoun

Tuition Monthly

01 July - 01 Aug 2023

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Tuition Monthly

01 Aug - 01 Sept 2023

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